Electric Cooker Installation

2es also specialise in electrical cooker installation. So if you need your electric cooker installed, be sure you call us on 0208 133 7550 today!

For any electric cooker to be installed, you must ensure you have the adequate electrical and non electrical fittings prior to installation. This includes;

• Ensuring you have a minimum of 32amp cooker socket for cookers that consumer greater than 3KW or a minimum of a 13amp cooker socket for single oven cookers or ignitions that consumes less than 2.99KW of power.
• That the electrical supply is within a metres distance of the oven cooker installation.
• There is no combustible material behind or on top of the cooker including wallpaper, flammable paint, wooden panels, cupboards and other combustible material.
• That if it is a dual fuel cooker, there is an adequate gas supply where the cooker is being installed
• There are no sockets directly behind or directly above the cooker.
• Ensuring there is adequate space for the cooker, oven or hob to be fitted included all cut outs in work surfaces ready before installation date.

Our electric cooker installation is straight forward as long as you have the correct cooker fittings in place which is your responsibility to make sure!


Free Standing Cooker Installation £60
Built-in Electric Oven Installation £75(same size)
Built-in Electric Hob Installation £80 (same size)
Cooker Hood Installation £120
Dual Fuel Cooker Installation £130

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