PAT Testing

2es can provide Portable Appliance Testing to all landlords, businesses and other organisations which needs to comply with the Health and safety Act (1974). At 2es, we have PAT testers who have many years of experience in PAT testing and complete their entire PAT testing to the highest standard.

How does a PAT Test benefit or affect me?

If you are a landlord who lets their property as a business activity i.e. to collect rent and constantly have tenants, then you are required by law to ensure the tenancy is safe. A PAT test is the best way to ensure you are complying with the Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations 1994 which requires all mains electrical appliances including white goods, cookers, toaster, TVs etc to be safe, is adhered to.

If you are a business, a PAT test is part of any businesses health and safety policies. A business has to ensure that all work equipment is it for purpose and safe which can be achieved through a PAT test. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 requires all employers in the UK to ensure that their equipment is safe.


1 to 15 appliances £40

1 to 50 appliances £75

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